LightGuide pureUV

Cool UV system for temperature sensitive applications

PureUV is precision-engineered with innovative reflector geometry. The design prevents direct exposure of the substrate to IR radiation. When added, the barrier component blocks undesired IR radiation thereby allowing only pure UV radiation to reach the substrate which results in a lower substrate temperature. The corresponding cooling system, which consists of a water-cooled module, shutter, reflectors, and an air-cooled lamp, ensures effective and reliable cooling with even the highest of process demands. A wide variety of compatible lamps is available to allow for optimum adaptation of the wavelength spectrum to specific inks.

  • Unique UV module for heat-sensitive substrates.
  • Removable barrier to block direct IR radiation and significantly reduce temperature.
  • Elliptical reflector geometry.
  • Lamp power output of up to 240 W/cm.
  • Compact design with Plug & Play connections.
  • DiCure reflectors.