PowderMax series - panel metering sets new standards

With the PowderMax series Eltosch Grafix has taken a different stance in the metering technology of powder spraying units. The new technology mainly proves itself by an even simpler handling and more exact adjustability. Thanks to the Clean Filling System, exchange of the powder cylinder is particularly simple, fast and clean – for maximum cleanliness. Further benefits such as self-explanatory touch-screen display and the great ease of maintenance make the PowderMax series the first choice especially for top-speed printing presses. Both PowderMax models can be easily retrofitted on all presses using the existing Eltosch Grafix powder spray technology and are currently in the process of being expanded to all sizes.

Nozzle pipes

  • HEP nozzle pipe
  • Consistent and extremely clean powder application with low impact pressure
  • 2 nozzle types, depending on the existing installation
  • Up to 28 nozzles with 2 - 4 spraying orifices for fine format adjustment
  • Application of the powder with reduced compressed air. This reduces the diffuse air stream in the press especially during high printing speeds
  • Twist&click system for screwing off the nozzles when cleaning is needed (no tools required)
Powdermax Scheibendosierung
Powdersprayer nozzles