A strong partner with crystal-clear know-how

One of Eltosch Grafix's industrial core competences is in the glass industry. For example, the application of separating agents via nozzles was a real innovation to the glass industry. The scope of products includes EPS systems (Economic Powdering System) for the application of separating agents and anti-corrosives as well as initial cleaning systems for contact-free removal of substances. In 1995, our competence in this field was increased by the successful cooperation with our distribution partner IfG. Founded in 1982, IfG has focused on planning industrial glass manufacturing plants (float glass, car glass and coated glass). Their range of products also includes systems for the application of separating agents, glass processing and glass handling.

Contact-free cleaning of scratch-sensitive surfaces

In the glass industry, cleaning systems or "depowdering units" are used whenever a separating agent has been applied which is no longer desired for the following working process. In this case the separating agents as well as all the other contaminations are sucked off contact-free. Benefit: The system leaves no scratches or other damage on the delicate surface. An important fact regarding industrial hygiene – the substances that have been sucked off are filtered out of the suction air and collected.


  • the adhesion of starch on lozenges
  • the application of talcum powder on rubber profiles
  • the application of separating powder on films or windshield panes
  • the application of separating powder/anti-corrosives on float glass