LED Powerline Focus

LED-UV for High Speed Sheet-fed Offset Printing

Eltosch Grafix can revert to a long time experience in LED-UV technology within the Hoenle-Group. Based on the know-how of several thousand installations worldwide for various applications we developed and designed up-to-date high-tech LED-UV systems for the sheet-fed offset printing market.

LED-UV for sheet-fed offset is a future oriented technology with many advantages

  • Low energy consumption
  • Long lifetime of the LED’s (typically more than 20.000 hours)
  • Format shut-off for optimal adaption to the print width
  • Immediate ON/OFF, no start-up time and no stand-by operation, safe interdeck wash and print
  • Low temperature load and therefore no registration problems and low pile temperatures
  • No ozone pollution and no risk of mercury contamination