Hi Jet E-Line

Evolution meets Revolution

Hi Jet E-Line is the latest development from Eltosch-Grafix, a pioneer in Infrared / Hot Air (IR/HA) drying systems for the graphics arts industry. This IR/HA drying module is composed of two integrated thermal air nozzles coupled with high performance IR radiators and a connection to an independent supply unit.


Main Features

  • first-class drying results - even with reduced hot air volumes.
  • Customizable air emission profiles.
  • Compact, autonomous unit with stand-alone controls for individual segments
  • Highly adaptable.
  • Alterable system configurations for special applications.
  • Controllable infrared radiator.
  • Integrated infrared cooling and heat recovery system.
  • Steplessly adjustable air volume and air temperature controls for each segment.
  • Steplessly adjustable infrared radiator controls.
  • Steplessly adjustable air nozzle angles.
  • Easy system integration.